The Sourced Group are Developing Over £270M of Property Across the UK

Statistic Information

(Correct as of 19th March 2024*)

Loans Drawn


Capital Repaid


Interest Repaid


Average LTGDV


A proven track record and transparency for our investors.

Average Interest Rate Per Year


(for investments which was placed during this year)

  • 2019 11.96% 11.96%
  • 2020 11.83% 11.83%
  • 2021 11.92% 11.92%
  • 2022 11.89% 11.89%
  • 2023 11.9% 11.9%

Portfolio Arrears

30-60 days


61-90 days


91-120 days


121+ Days


*Capital at Risk. FCA Regulated. No FSCS Protection.

Great Experience From Start to Finish

“Great experience from start to finish. Just received my £20k capital plus interest after 11 months. I feel very comfortable recommending and will be investing again.”

Dominic Ord

Very Good Service for Alternative Investment

Very good service for alternative investment. Made a six month investment through and IFISA. Got my investment plus interest on the 6th month. Good thing is I don’t have to pay tax on the return.

Arinzechukwu Odogwu

I Have Been an Investor with Sourced…

I have been an investor with Sourced Capital for a year and have nothing but praise for their operation. Full repayment has been made on two of my properties and regular updates are given on all their projects. This is in addition to good returns on their platform. What more can you want?


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