How to be an ISA Millionaire
Can I really become an ISA millionaire? If you’re asking yourself this then this answer is why not.

However, to do this you should be investing wisely and doing so on a consistent basis. It’s estimated that it takes roughly 20 years to become an ISA millionaire so you shouldn’t expect this to happen overnight. According to, there are over 2000 ISA millionaires in the UK today with the number growing each year as sophisticated investors become smarter with how they use their ISA.

Would you like to join that list? The answer is obviously yes so our latest webinar is a must watch.

This ISA webinar series which focuses on how to achieve millionaire status by maximising how you are using your ISA. Here at Sourced Capital, we are an award winning IFISA provider offering investors the opportunity to gain returns of up to 12% by investing in UK property assets*. The webinar will be hosted by Senior Relationship Director at Sourced Capital, John Wilson who has extensive experience of helping high net worth investors on effectively using their ISA.

Here’s what you can expect;

– Understanding ISA’s

– Strategies on how to use your ISA

– Key actions to become an ISA millionaire

– How to combine peer to peer lending with your ISA

– Overview of Sourced Capital

– Live Q&A

This is a must watch for sophisticated and high-net worth property investors, looking for higher returns on their investments.

About the Host – John Wilson, Relationship Director, Sourced Capital

John is a vastly experienced dealing with Sourced Capital investors who utilise tax efficient means of investing. He is a successful property and ISA investor and has been at Sourced for 3 years, building relationships with new and existing investors.

*Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2mins to learn more.

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